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Clients blue

  • "D", Client

    "I am not hopeless anymore, I have joy!"

  • "MD", Client

    "This center gave me my life back."

  • "N", Client

    “It’s funny how even one day of going to Hope Women’s Center and I feel hope. I am so thankful to the Lord for showing me the counseling at the Center. It is helping me and there is no shame in getting counseling.”

  • "J", Client

    "The Parent University Program helped give me Hope! I have made positive changes in my life and am working on re-unifying with my children.”


  • "R", Client

    "Parent University helped give me hope during a heartbreaking time. My mentor was by my side through everything and helped me get organized and more knowledgeable about each phase of my DCS case."

  • "M", Client

    "Hope Women's Center allows me time to reconnect with women in my community while learning new skills and getting physically and emotionally healthy."

  • Shelley, Volunteer

    "I love this place!"

  • Bink, Volunteer

    "I could volunteer until Jesus comes and not repay the blessings I've received from the clients and staff at Hope Women's Center."

  • Tracy Miller, Board Member

    Hope Women's Center serves the women, children, and families of each community showing God's grace and love to those desperately needing it.  Standing in a gap between professional services and the local church, we are able to effectively meet the client's physical, mental, and spiritual needs at the same time.  It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the HWC Board of Directors over the past several years.  I have grown spiritually and professionally while at the same time working together humbly in Christ with other men and women on behalf of the Center.  The commitment level of those within our staff, volunteers, and board members is honorable and gives God great Glory!

  • Leslie Blakely, Phoenix Advisory Council

    "What I love about Hope Women's Center is getting to see the Lord's transforming power in the lives of the women who come to our center."

  • Debbie, Volunteer

    "I love volunteering at Hope Women's Center and look forward each week to going in to help.  It is a place for healing and growth in the Lord."

Volunteers blue

Staff blue

  • Tiffany DelHousaye, Center Manager-PHX

    "I love the women and children we serve. They are beautiful inside and out and their joy, despite their circumstances, never ceases to amaze me. The gift I receive by being able to watch their lives transform on a daily basis because of their surrender to God and the true love they are experiencing often for the first time in their lives is priceless."

  • Jolyn Logan, Center Manager - Coolidge

    "The Coolidge Center was opened in July of 2013 and it is truly a blessing to serve the ladies in our community.  I love being able to share Jesus with every lady that walks through our door."

  • Cecilia Voron, Staff

    "At Hope Women’s Center women and young ladies have the opportunity to give and to receive. Clients, volunteers, and staff alike share their lives in a nonthreatening environment where the goal is to have Christ at the center."

  • Jenel Moline, Center Manager - Apache Junction

    "I love the healing that takes place in all of our lives through the power of God as we serve and are served! Whether staff, volunteer or client! We are in this together!"

  • Tammy Abernethy, Executive Director

    "We have all experienced times of pain and darkness in our lives. At Hope Women's Center, we get the privilege of coming alongside hurting women and teen girls, loving them right where they are, and pointing them to the true source of Healing and Hope. What a great joy to watch God transform brokenness into beauty in women's lives!"